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Is Ignite Too Big?



Is the Ignite Conference too big?

Sure, there’s benefit by combining several different disciplines into one large conference, but there’s a big downside – especially for smaller support organizations.

You can’t have your support people at a conference and minding the store simultaneously!

If you’ve got your messaging and SharePoint and SQL and…  personnel at the conference, how deep is your bench if you run into operational issues?

What about timing with releases, patching, and such for the organization that you support?

And what if the organization (consider outsourced support) has a contingent at the conference, too?

Chicago was a logistical nightmare. A technical conference must be tightly confined for attendees to mix and match without having to grab a cab to attend a desired session.

Maybe Atlanta will be the last experiment at such large convergence. We shall see!

What do you think?

End Every Meeting With Two Questions

How many meetings have you attended when, five minutes after ending, you realized no decisions were made? Frankly, I have attended too many. It’s a miracle any substantive work gets done in organizations that don’t encourage people to properly manage meetings!


In a recent LinkedIn post (“How Do You End a Meeting? Netflix’s HR Rebel Asks Two Simple Questions“), Bob Sutton, Stanford Professor and Co-author of “Scaling Up Excellence”, challenges us to halt that all-to-frequent situation.

Please, do read the article, but here’s the answer in short:
As your next meeting winds down, make sure that you’ve answered these parting questions:

“Have we made any decisions in the room today, and (if we have) how are we going to communicate them?”