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Short of building a dedicated VM box with multiple instances for AD, SQL Server, and one or more SharePoint servers, and then securing a static IP account for real-world work and internet connectivity, CloudShare provides a reasonable alternative.

I’ve recently set up a CloudShare account (they are not compensating me for this plug…) to do some prototyping. They offer several plans, including a ‘pay by the drink’ plan where you are charged for memory usage (GB/hour) only when the virtual servers are running. You can connect to the servers through RDP, PowerShell, and a browser interface. The experience is best when you connect via RDP – much like being connected to a server within a closed environment. If you are comfortable with typical VPN, then you will be comfortable with this mode.

I’ll elaborate more after I’ve used it for a while and get a feel for how much it costs to use.



Which browser is most popular?

If you said “Chrome,” you’re wrong!     Firefox? – Guess again!


Internet Explorer takes a lot of bashing, but it still leads the pack by a wide margin, according to running statistics kept by netmarketshare.  Check it out and be surprised by the numbers.

IE is still very much needed for SharePoint (both on-prem and online), as some vestiges of Active-X are very much alive. Despite the drive to make SharePoint 2013 browser-agnostic, we may need to wait until the next iterations of SharePoint and Office to fully decouple this dependency.

Incidentally,  on the topic of browsers, the former CEO and co-founder of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, is the creator of a new browser named “Vivaldi“. Does the Internet need another browser?  Technical preview versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac are available for download. Take a look and you be the judge.  What do you think?