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Office 365 ‘App Model’ rename cheat sheet – old booze in new flasks

Check out Jeremy Thake’s cheat sheet with new names for the confusing SharePoint and Office “apps.”

Jeremy Thake

Sophisticated solutions developed by ISVs are in a different league than a hobby project app available from the Office Store.

No question, this created problems justifying a few hundred grand for a year-long effort when the CIO sees the plethora of  ‘free’ and low-cost apps in the Office Store.

Read Jeremy’s full post for more insight and community comments.


Here’s the cheat sheet if you’re in a rush:

Apps for SharePoint (old) SharePoint Add-ins (new)
App Web Add-in Web
App Part Add-in Part
SharePoint App Model SharePoint Add-in Model
Apps for Office Office Add-ins
Office App Model Office Add-in Model


Development, Familiarization, Demonstration Environment

Short of building a dedicated VM box with multiple instances for AD, SQL Server, and one or more SharePoint servers, and then securing a static IP account for real-world work and internet connectivity, CloudShare provides a reasonable alternative.

I’ve recently set up a CloudShare account (they are not compensating me for this plug…) to do some prototyping. They offer several plans, including a ‘pay by the drink’ plan where you are charged for memory usage (GB/hour) only when the virtual servers are running. You can connect to the servers through RDP, PowerShell, and a browser interface. The experience is best when you connect via RDP – much like being connected to a server within a closed environment. If you are comfortable with typical VPN, then you will be comfortable with this mode.

I’ll elaborate more after I’ve used it for a while and get a feel for how much it costs to use.


Need to explain what SharePoint is?

How often do you need to explain SharePoint to someone who is unfamiliar with it, or who hasn’t looked at SharePoint in several years?

Simon Allardice, Senior Author at, prepared a dynamite YouTube presentation that introduces SharePoint quite well. I encourage you to view this presentation to pick up a few pointers or just play the video for your audience. He’s a great presenter and this video is professionally produced.

Since SharePoint has been out for a while many decision makers have been exposed to SharePoint but are unaware of its newest, advanced capabilities.

Simon’s presentation is a solid starting point for a conversation with your organization’s stakeholders or a prospective customer.

Take a look and share your thoughts. Let Simon know if you appreciate the effort and if it helps you better inform your audiences.

When in front of the Stakeholder – You’re a Salesperson!

You don’t need Alec Baldwin yelling “Always Be Closing” (see the notorious scene from Glengarry Glen Ross) to motivate you to pitch your ideas and solutions.

Whether we are selling creative concepts, technical solutions, or real estate, we must paint a picture for the person approving the purchase.

See this great post by Disney Creative Director Will Gay on how to sell your ideas. What’s in it for the stakeholder? What’s in it for the business? How will adding another server or upgrading improve ROI or make people more productive or cut costs? Know it, feel it, sell it!

Will has a much gentler approach as a motivator than the character Alec Baldwin portrayed.

Do I have your attention?