If you are a seasoned on-prem SharePoint Administrator, you know it’s a good practice to wait a few months after release before installing a cumulative update on your system(s). Microsoft has released several half-baked CUs in the past, creating an atmosphere of “let Mikey try it” (from an old Life Cereal commercial) as a good rule of thumb. Let some other SharePoint Admins struggle with a flawed system while Microsoft figures out what went wrong and releases a fix-it replacement CU.

Should be easy to do – don’t download the CU until you’re ready to deploy, right?¬† Well, not so fast.

If your organization uses Microsoft’s automated software updates on its servers, you could be applying SharePoint cumulative updates during the monthly Windows OS updates! You would not be aware of it until you run an audit of SharePoint builds on your farms.

This is especially important when building a new farm¬† or adding a new server to an existing farm! In the Advanced options for software updates, make sure the Update Options for other Microsoft products is set to “Off.”