There is no such thing as a secure electronic health information system.”
This is the warning delivered by Jim Pyles in his Congress Blog post, Lessons from Anthem, from February 20 issue of The Hill.

Anthem spokespeople emphasize that our medical information wasn’t compromised, implying that there may not have been a HIPPA violation. That may keep them out of the woods with the Feds, but what about our personal information, such as Social Security and credit account numbers?


Have you received correspondence from Anthem that your information was compromised? I’m waiting to hear if our family has to perform damage control, or if we can go about our business. How can we trust them again?

Newsworthy security breaches and data theft should make us and our users challenge the integrity of our service providers. Makes no difference if our systems are on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud – if a biggie like Anthem is compromised, what are we and our vendors doing to encourage rather than erode confidence?