IE is still very much needed for SharePoint, as some vestiges of Active-X are very much alive. Despite MS promising to make SharePoint 2013 browser-agnostic, here we are in 2021 with dependencies still present.  As of this update, Active-X is still required for some popular functions such as folder view for document libraries. A workaround exists but it takes a confident end user to configure this – a good topic for another post. These workarounds are a PITA – we had to convert a boatload of media files depending on Flash SWF to work in a SharePoint media library. Great improvement for the end user, but this was essentially a mini-migration project.

Chrome is the most popular browser, so far in 2021. Chrome dominates even beyond the browser. Microsoft Edge runs on the Chromium engine. Edge, has 5% of the browser ‘market’ (third place). Mozilla Firefox (does not use Chromium) is in second placed. All the other web browsers with any measurable share (Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave), run on top of Chromium.