The time was right to re-launch the site.

  • Recently wrapped up a highly successful 6+ years as The SharePoint Guy at pharma Allergan (being acquired by Actavis).
  • Redirecting my focus to more project and less granular efforts.
  • Provide an avenue to reach decision makers who are fired up to do something with SharePoint and need someone to help lead the charge.
  • Publish thought-provoking material to stimulate some dialog.

Okay – I know you might be asking, “why would a someone so invested in SharePoint use anything else as a blogging platform?” Good question! The answer is simple –

  • appropriate tool – WordPress is a better tool for basic blogging for several reasons. I’m not using this medium to demonstrate SharePoint capability or my  skill.
  • technically – it’s sole purpose is to serve as a blog platform and it does this well.
  • economics – all major web-hosting services provide low-cost WordPress hosting. Many templates and add-ons are free.

Thanks for stopping by.

I would enjoy exchanging ideas with you!