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Month: December 2014

Hope for a Fantastic New Year 2015

The days and dates are arbitrary names and numbers, but they hold special significance for most of us.
May the transition to the New Year 2015 be one of hope and optimism for you and those who mean the most to you.

Relaunching “Dave Wolf – SharePoint Champ”

The time was right to re-launch the site.

  • Recently wrapped up a highly successful 6+ years as The SharePoint Guy at pharma Allergan (being acquired by Actavis).
  • Redirecting my focus to more project and less granular efforts.
  • Provide an avenue to reach decision makers who are fired up to do something with SharePoint and need someone to help lead the charge.
  • Publish thought-provoking material to stimulate some dialog.

Okay – I know you might be asking, “why would a someone so invested in SharePoint use anything else as a blogging platform?” Good question! The answer is simple –

  • appropriate tool – WordPress is a better tool for basic blogging for several reasons. I’m not using this medium to demonstrate SharePoint capability or my  skill.
  • technically – it’s sole purpose is to serve as a blog platform and it does this well.
  • economics – all major web-hosting services provide low-cost WordPress hosting. Many templates and add-ons are free.

Thanks for stopping by.

I would enjoy exchanging ideas with you!